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Federal Way, WA, USA

Research Intern (2013)

Cellulosic Fibers Technology

Duration: 10 weeks
Salary(Weekly) USD: 750.00
Key Responsibilities:
  • Lab work
  • Data Analysis
Number of interviews: 1
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Weyerhaeuser Co. is a company focused on making wood-based materials and products. I got my internship here through a program called the Northwest Advanced Renewables Alliance: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (NARA: SURE). As a part of this program, I was a research intern at Weyerhaeuser where I prepared and characterized activated carbon from lignin, which would be used for purifying vapor streams of mercury contaminants. My advisor is an expert in wood science and was a wonderful mentor. He stressed safety in any situation and taught me a lot about lignin, activated carbon and methods for doing meaningful research. One of the best things about working at Weyerhaeuser is the sense of caring and camaraderie amongst the employees. I felt very comfortable conversing with the other scientists here and they were always interested in showing me what it is like to do research at Weyerhaeuser as a full-time employee. Another aspect that I really enjoyed about working here was experiencing all of the exciting research being done. From carbon nanofibers to superior wood products that will be used to build homes, Weyerhaeuser has a large variety of research projects that would suit anyone's curiosity. The one downside about working here was some of the lab equipment and technology used in the labs were somewhat old, causing some of the experiments to be much more labor intensive than was necessary. Working at Weyerhaeuser gave me a new appreciation for wood science and the variety of applications it is used for. I had a very positive experience and I could see myself working here in the future on cutting-edge wood related research.
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