Volvo Trucks

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Hagerstown, United States

Intern- Project and Process Engineer (2013)

Industrial Engineering

Duration: 12 weeks
Salary(Weekly) USD: 600
Key Responsibilities:
  • Assembly Line Optimization
  • Modifying Quick Kaizen process
  • Assembly Downtime Reduction
Number of interviews: 0
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
The company has a very good working ethos, though it being a very large company has its drawbacks, which results in slowing down the decision making process. The internship depends on your immediate manager and what are his priorities. The older managers like to mentor the young interns and the younger and upcoming manager are way too busy with working on their own projects and might not involve the interns as much. The only issue I faced with the company was they do not have an organized way of giving the interns set projects to work on to mark on their progress. It is a good company to work for as a full time employee and are good paymasters but as an intern I feel you should try and get older mentors.
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