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Engineering Graduates Set To Be In High Demand Until 2020

Written by Elena Doncheva | Meet The Careers Experts | Thursday 25th September 2014 15:29:00 GMT

There has never been a better time to be an engineering student. EngineeringUK estimates high demand for engineering graduates to fill jobs until 2020.

EngineeringUK forecasts massive demand for engineering graduates (© christian42)

EngineeringUK forecasts massive demand for engineering graduates (© christian42)

Perhaps you are wondering which professional path to choose or whether you made the right decision enrolling in an engineering degree. The academic year began and you meet the difficulties of your study for the first time, and start to question if this is the right place for you.
But EngineeringBecause checked the numbers, and we can assure you that you have made the best decision, in terms of professional career prospects. 
Despite the still fragile economic recovery in Europe, the UK's jobs market is steady. More than two million vacancies will open in the next six years, doubling the graduate numbers required within industry at the moment.
Engineers in the UK have the second best starting salaries in the region, with more than 60% of engineering graduates going into full-time jobs. Furthermore, the employment rates between male and female engineers are not significant, despite gender stereotypes and the lesser amount of women studying engineering disciplines.
The most successful industry sectors in the UK are automotive, oil and gas and nuclear. The UK’s aerospace sector is also first in Europe and second in the world. And all of these markets are expected to grow over the next several years, expanding the job opportunities within them.
Despite the 3.5% growth in engineering graduate numbers over the last two years, they do not meet the UK’s swelling demand for engineers. 
You can be the one who finds a way to tackle major world problems – climate change, food and clean water supply, overpopulation and of course, energy. So don't ever regret choosing that STEM subject, because it is not only the UK, but the world, which needs more engineers.


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