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Careers Expert: Jeremy Kin, JobTestPrep

Written by Gabi Champagne | Meet The Careers Experts | Friday 15th March 2013 11:09:00 GMT

Jeremy Kin from Job Test Prep gives exclusive information on how to pass the psychometric tests for big companies such as Ernst and Young and KPMG.

Application processes to big companies are getting increasingly rigorous

Application processes to big companies are getting increasingly rigorous

As the competition for jobs continues to rise, so too does the difficulty of the aptitude tests to reach the interview stage. Jeremy Kin from Job Test Prep gives insight on how to pass these tests.

What does Job Test Prep do?

JobTestPrep is a leading preparation institute that provides practice solutions for a wide range of psychometric tests used by employers and academic bodies. Job seekers are our main audience, as nowadays, almost any job's application process requires sitting psychometric tests. We have revolutionized the preparation industry by introducing specific practice packages that follow the tests of leading assessment companies, such as SHL, Kenexa, Saville, Talent Q and Pearson.

How important is it to do well in the admissions tests in order to obtain a job in the financial services sector?

Aptitude tests comprise a crucial part of the preliminary application process of financial services companies. Nowadays, with the past four years' economic turbulences, competition for jobs reached new peaks. Thus, employers that use the services of assessment companies set a very high standard for job qualification. This is of course being reflected in the success rates required to pass the aptitude tests. Many jobs in the financial services sector, especially those that require expertise and/or strong analytic skills (consultancy, audit, tax advisory), will require the candidate to show strong grasp of numbers and logical reasoning. 

Do you think engineers compared to other graduates are at an advantage due to their strong mathematical background?

It is important to distinguish between two types of mathematical strengths. Pure mathematics requires higher order of processing and an algorithmic thinking approach. The skills needed to pass a numerical reasoning test, excluding case studies or advanced financial appraisals, are highly dependent on:

  • Information processing speed.
  • Interpretation of graph and table data.
  • Using shortcuts and estimations.
  • Having a general grasp of financial concepts.

Therefore, being a good mathematician does not guarantee success, as many mathematicians are used to elaborative processes which slow them down. Psychometric numerical tests include a witty aspect which in many cases, and surprisingly business oriented people might find these tests easier than electrical or software engineers. 

Which financial services company seems to be the most popular in terms of the number of people that use Job Test Prep?

Naturally, the alternating trends among the Big Four and the leading banks dictate our audience statistics. PwC, KPMG, BDO, E&Y and Deloitte are usually the most popular ones. Big banks and IBM are also top performing audiences However, not all clients share this information with us and would simply say it was a financial services top 20 firm. I can say with confidence that we have practice materials that reflect the tests of each of these leading firms, although each company uses the services of a different assessment company. 




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