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Behind The Scenes At Formula 1: Red Bull Racing Seeks Young Engineering Talent

Written by Elena Doncheva | Mechanical Engineering | Thursday 19th March 2015 11:48:00 GMT

Red Bull Racing wants hot young engineers to join its Formula One team. Jason Zide, last year's winner of its placement scheme, provides a view of life on the racetrack.

Jason Zide, right, and Adrian Newey, chief technology officer at Red Bull Racing

Jason Zide, right, and Adrian Newey, chief technology officer at Red Bull Racing

Red Bull has announced that it is searching for engineering students to join its Formula One racing team.

EngineeringBecause met Jason Zide, one of last year's winners of the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy competition, who told us about his experience on the track.

"I actually came across the opportunity when I was at a past Internship," he recalls. In the summer of 2013, Jason was interning at Nissan, where he had the incredible opportunity to meet famous racers Christian Horner, Sebastian Vettel and Andreas Sigl – all of whom are part of the Red Bull F1 team.

"I asked how young engineers would make their way into F1, and they mentioned that a program was in the pipeline," says Jason. Just a few months after that, the competition was officially announced.

Jason has been raised to be a fan of cars; he used to go to vintage car races with his dad.

The Red Bull competition was his gateway to F1. "My experience at Infiniti Red Bull Racing has been incredible,” he says.

But it was initially a very steep learning curve and a challenge to get up to the speed of F1. "The pace in F1 is extremely quick," he says. However, he adds that everyone at Red Bull has been extremely helpful.

Once they join the Red Bull team, new hires are treated as any other engineer. The scheme allows engineers to integrate themselves in each phase of the work process.

"For this reason, my duties have included everything from designing parts to go on the car, designing test equipment, and taking on R&D projects," Jason says. "It has been great to see all those different aspects."

The whole company has a positive attitude and works quickly to get things done, he adds. "This attitude has influenced how I approach problems and tasks. Additionally, it really helped me get up to speed.”

Whilst it is hard work, there are rewards: "Every other Sunday when the car is in some other part of the world, you get to watch the car race, knowing that you contributed to it,” Jason says. “That is really rewarding.”

He had three previous internships in the automotive sector and believes that temporary work placements are a route into F1 – an industry that is notoriously difficult to enter.

"It really is a dream come true to be here," Jason says about Red Bull Infinity. He adds: “I would absolutely recommend the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy.”

To enter the Infiniti Performance Engineering Academy competition, applicants have to submit a 60-second video that explains what makes them the right candidate. The shortlisted candidates will continue to a series of interviews and engineering tasks.

For more information visit the official website.


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