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Nottingham Mechanical Engineering Student Shares the Stage with Sir Peter Mansfield

Written by Elena Doncheva | Mechanical Engineering | Thursday 11th September 2014 11:55:00 GMT

Ziyad Yehia is a mechanical engineer, but dreams of becoming a "Success Guru" and building on his love of human communication

Ziyad hosted the TedxUoN this Spring

Ziyad hosted the TedxUoN this Spring

Just like every other teenager, Ziyad did not know which path to follow in college. Inspired by a friend to google what engineers do, he realised the potential of the profession.

"Little did I know, that the answer to that question would change my career path, and most likely the course of my life," says Ziyad about his internet search.

Mechanical engineering combines the biggest strengths of Ziyad: "A way to use what I love- science and mathematics, to make a difference to the world? Count me in."

Little did he know that he would start changing the world around him one step at a time. The ambitious young engineer is among the first on his course, but his true passion lies elsewhere . Ziyad is astonished by human communication, and recently became a public speaking coach.

"No matter where we go in the world, our life will be centred around humans. Befriending them, loving them, and working together with them towards building a better future. They say that what separates humans from the beasts is our advanced faculties of language," he explains.

He continues : "We all have great ideas. It only takes one to change the entire course of history and this has been proven time and time again. Whether Ford with his motor cars, the Wright brothers with their aeroplanes or Zuckerberg with his social network. "

"Ideas are fuel for the engine of change – especially for engineers. But, ideas lose their potency if they are not communicated correctly," Ziyad stresses.

Hosting the TEDxUoN event, Ziyad had the incredible opportunity to share the stage with Sir Peter Mansfield, a Nobel prize winner and discoverer of the MRI.

"It was an exciting, nerve-wracking and generally surreal day. Hard to believe it actually happened. I didn’t sleep much the night before," Ziyad recalls. "There was a phenomenal buzz at the event. A super-charged atmosphere."

"This certainly topped off what was the most exciting and rich day of my life so far. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to meet Sir Peter Mansfield, the other speakers and to participate in general."

Ziyad works on improving and helping others: "At the moment I am dabbling in personal tutoring on I teach Public Speaking, Maths and Science."

"I always find myself incredibly inspired by individuals like Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins and Jim Rohn. Their philosophies have massively improved my life and a massive thank you to them for their incredible life work," says the young engineer.

"Because of the benefits their work has had on my life, I would love to be able to give back and help other people in a similar manner."

"You are just as capable of creating the life you want to create just like everyone else. Just build on yourself daily. Read, plan, and help others," Ziyad continues to inspire.

 "Become the person who has the life you want. That’s the key. Build on your strengths, embrace your weaknesses and live life."





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