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  • Vera Termühlen expects job applicants to be 'passionate entrepreneurs'.

    Get Hired: Rocket Internet

    Vera Termühlen is Head of HR at Rocket Internet. She discloses what it takes to work for one of the most dynamic companies in the world!

    posted on: 08/21/2013

  • Ram says it's essential to have an 'entrepreneurial mindset' at Cisco.

    Demystified: Product Manager at Cisco

    Ram Parasuraman manages products for networking and software giant Cisco. Find out how he got there - and read his advice for you!

    posted on: 07/10/2013

  • Walking to a Google job interview is now fraught with less anxiety! (Photo: Evan Blaser)

    Google Ditches The Dreaded Brainteaser

    Google senior vice president admits that using brainteasers in interviews was a "waste of time."

    posted on: 06/21/2013

  • Having a Googley personality will bowl over recruiters.

    Do you have a Googley personality?

    Top grades are essential to getting a job – but for the best engineering companies, personality goes a long way.

    posted on: 04/11/2013