• Philip Wattis is the man behind successful start-ups such as Flinca and Power Internet Ltd

    Engineers Are The New Technology Entrepreneurs

    Philip Wattis, software engineer and start-up mentor, explains how to combine creativity and business – an emerging trend among engineering graduates.

    posted on: 08/07/2014

  • Nidhi Singh conducting the Microsoft Excel workshop on behalf of Microsoft Student Partners

    Inspired By Steve Jobs, NTU Computer Engineer Banks On Business

    Nidhi Sigh is inspired by Steve Jobs and studies at Computer Engineering at NTU in Singapore. She is involved with Microsoft and hopes to use engineering as a route to a business career!

    posted on: 10/22/2013

  • Ali Alyami's team Brobotics won first prize at the UKTI’s Entrepreneurs’ Festival

    Engineer Entrepreneur Wins International Competition Using Robotics in The UK!

    Hot young engineer Ali Alyami won an international engineering competition at UKTI's Entrepreneurs' Festival in the UK. He has a bright business idea for robotics and needs a new engineering team now!

    posted on: 10/14/2013

  • Electrical Engineers might be best served looking at companies beyond manufacturing.

    Electrical Engineering Salaries

    Salary projections for Electrical Engineers are not as high as many other professions, mainly due to the manufacturing decline. But with new technological advances, perhaps EE is the place to be!

    posted on: 06/27/2013

  • Still a young man, Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith has had a career as multifaceted as his name.

    Demystified: Design Engineer at Buffalo Grid

    Stefan Dzisiewski-Smith is the Indiana Jones of engineers. He brings power to poor Africans, creative electronics to rich Europeans, and his advice to you is: work hard, but make sure you have a life!

    posted on: 05/07/2013