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Hot Young Engineer Builds Manufacturing Career On 3D Modelling

Written by Seb Murray | Industrial / Manufacturing / Systems Engineering | Thursday 7th May 2015 16:20:00 GMT

Oliver Buhlinger used to work on the shop floor as an industrial mechanic. But university allowed the hot young engineer to move into graduate role at Hayward Tyler, a manufacturing group in London.

Oliver Buhlinger works at Hayward Tyler, a London-listed manufacturing company

Oliver Buhlinger works at Hayward Tyler, a London-listed manufacturing company

Oliver Buhlinger works at Hayward Tyler, a London-listed manufacturer of motors and pumps for mainly the power, oil and gas, and nuclear industries.

He started as graduate engineer and was promoted within a year, joining the manufacturing unit. He now works in R&D and is heavily involved in the company’s 3D modelling – a vast role with lots of responsibility.

He utilized the OPEN Program, a graduate develop scheme offered by Discovery Graduates, a recruitment consultancy, to land his job at Hayward Tyler.

What is the most important/useful thing that you have learnt on the OPEN Program?

It helps you develop a strategic approach to making the best impact on a personal and professional level. It sets you up to be the most effective person that you could be.

Did starting your career live up to the expectations that you had?

I couldn’t really anticipate how it was going to be, as so much comes down to the personalities of the people that you’ll be working with. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy but I’ve realised that one of the main issues that graduates face is people’s behaviour – how to react to it and how your own behaviour can impact a situation.

Initially I found lots of things overwhelming. I had hit some barriers with a couple of people early on but the OPEN Program helped me to understand my own behaviour and how to tackle the difficult situations I was facing. It was empowering.

What was the steepest learning curve in your job?

I started as an apprentice on the shop floor as an industrial mechanic before I went to university. Starting work as a qualified engineer was a different ball game – I had a lot more responsibility and a lot was expected of me. I very quickly had to learn how to communicate with people properly, as well as the business processes and company structure.

Probably the steepest learning curve was overcoming barriers with people and how to approach different projects that I was given. I had to really push myself in terms of making things happen – I had a very supportive manager but had to put a lot of work in.

Are you given the right level of responsibility?

I was in at the deep end when I started but I had the right sort of manager, who was willing to protect me from some of the day to day slog, and gave me the confidence to step out and focus on some innovative projects which I developed in my own time.

I’m very pleased because the management is now running with some of these projects and this is reflected in our new expansion program.

What additional support do you think could be provided to current students and new graduates?

I am involved in graduate mentoring, which is as beneficial for me as I hope it is to the new graduates in the company. It’s certainly something which I would have appreciated.

I’m also mentoring students at Brunel University to advise people who are just about to graduate on how to be effective and approach the work place. When I speak to the students they say that they don’t know what to expect from the workplace – they have concerns about workload and level of responsibility. 

I’m glad that I can give them the information that they need so that they know what to expect. It’s a great thing that Brunel is doing – I think all universities should do the same.


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