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Dreams Higher Than The Burj Khalifa

Written by David-Anthony Gordon | Hot Young Engineers! | Wednesday 3rd April 2013 15:31:00 GMT

Civil engineering student Samir Buth wants to use his degree to shape the landscape.

Samir hopes the Burj Khalifa won't be the tallest building for long. © nadezhda1906 -

Samir hopes the Burj Khalifa won't be the tallest building for long. © nadezhda1906 -

Samir Buth, is a nineteen year old civil engineering student at University College London (UCL). Samir talks us through the highlights of his course and his high ambitions for the future.

At school Samir had thought about studying computer science at university until a teacher suggested that civil engineering would be a better fit with his passion for maths and physics. Civil engineering resonated with him, he liked the fact that “engineering is all about solving problems for people”.

Samir was a driven student and only wanted to study at the best universities, applying to Cambridge, Bristol, Imperial and UCL. The desire to succeed meant he had to work exceptionally hard and did a lot of self-learning as “some of the teachers at my school were not the best”.

UCL was his first choice because of its outstanding academic record, the excellent facilities and the buzz of the campus. UCL’s course was also the perfect mix of being both a technical and practical course. The only downside Samir could think of was that civil engineering was more weighted with theoretical study than he thought it was going to be and the course load can be pretty stressful.

I asked Samir about the other students on his course and he said it was a very international class with many people from China and Europe and the boy to girl ratio was actually not as high as he thought it might be. “There are more girls than I expected, more and more are getting into engineering every year”.

Samir is currently doing work-experience at Kaybridge Construction. His role as a junior engineer involved helping out on the construction site to assist with planning. “It is hard but rewarding doing field work, but it is worth it. I hope to get some office based experience next summer."

Samir reckons that for a civil engineer to be at the top of their game they need to have good communication skills, both writing and speaking, “you have to be able to convey information well to clients. But the most important skills is to be a problem-solver, an engineer has to be constantly creating solutions to problems.”

After graduating Samir hopes to work abroad ideally in the UAE, “I hope to be working on a really big construction site abroad in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.” And he hopes to knock the Burj Khalifa off the top spot as the tallest building in the world.

This is definitely a civil engineer to watch!


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