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Young Engineers: Prince Bryan Magzino

Written by David-Anthony Gordon | Hot Young Engineers! | Sunday 17th March 2013 20:45:00 GMT

Prince Bryan Magzino on studying chemical engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

Prince wants to start a own pharmaceutical company

Prince wants to start a own pharmaceutical company

Former Ford model Prince Bryan Magzino is a multi-talented musician who is fluent in English, Filipino, French and Italian. Now in his final year at the Jacobs School of Engineering, he explains why he chose to study in San Diego.
Why did you give up modeling and choose to major in chemical engineering?
Well modelling isn't a stable job so I decided to stop when I started at UCSD. In terms of my major, I knew since senior year in high school that I should be practical when narrowing my choices as to what major to study in college. Then I looked back on the subjects I enjoyed learning in high school. I realized that I excelled in chemistry, and I knew right then that chemical engineering would be the perfect major for me.
Why did you pick UCSD?
It was a tough decision between UC Berkeley and UC San Diego. When it comes to prestige, they are roughly the same with Berkeley having a slight upper hand, but when it comes to living situation and job opportunities, UCSD is better. San Diego has plenty of biotech companies and energy research facilities which recruit thousands of college students each year. Also, who can turn down a gorgeous school sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the Pacific ocean with the most perfect weather in all of United States?
What's the best thing about your course?
Because UCSD is at the forefront of nanoengineering research, we engineering students get to learn and explore the newest breakthroughs in the nanotechnology and nanomedicine fields via our professors and researchers.
Have you participated in any research?
Currently, I am one of the candidates pursuing a research position in Biofuels with a post-doc researcher in the chemical engineering department.
Where have you interned?
No, but I am applying for a summer internship at several biotech companies in San Diego.
What's your dream job?
I would like to be a pharmaceutical engineer and someday own a pharmaceutical company.
What's the one thing you wish you'd known before you started your degree?
I wish I'd learned to network more. Working on a project, homework or even studying for an exam is much less painful when done with study groups. Also, my professor had told me this once: "When looking for a job, it's not about what you's who you know."
What will you do after graduating?
After college, my short term goal is to take my FE (Fundamental Engineering) board exam and work for a couple of years before taking my PE (Professional Engineering) exam. In the long term, I want to get an MBA and and, eventually, start my own pharmaceutical company.
Which engineer do you most admire?
I admire plenty of engineers for example Da Vinci, Bill Nye and Rowan Atkinson, who played Mr. Bean. I grew up watching Rowan Atkinson in the Philippines and I like da Vinci because he was not only an engineer but also an artist, a poet, a scientist and a musician. He was a true renessaince man. I believe the most successful engineers aren't those who are just stellar in mathematics, but those who can incorporate their imagination, the arts and their creativity with their engineering skills. People who are bold enough to push the boundary of physics and unafraid to challenge the law of nature often stumble into discoveries which leads them to inventions.



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