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Young Environmental Engineer, Speaks Five Languages, Explains Why Communication Is Important

Written by Elena Doncheva | Hot Young Engineers! | Thursday 19th June 2014 15:33:00 GMT

Rena Seyidova, an aspiring environmental engineer, can tell us her story in five different languages - but we chose to stick to English, just in case.

Aspiring environmental engineer Rena Seyidova hopes to make the world a better place

Aspiring environmental engineer Rena Seyidova hopes to make the world a better place

Engineering seems to be the new caring profession. It is removing barriers and enabling society's development. More and more people undertake the challenging journey of engineering a better world – using their knowledge and creativity to ease the lives of others.
Rena Seyidova, an aspiring environmental engineer, told us her story and what made her choose this professional path.
“It is the opportunity to influence human attitudes and behaviour towards the conservation of the environment, and make a real difference that would improve the lives of people and the state of natural habitats,” the young environmentalist says.
So she joined Engineers Without Borders UK, an organisation that removes barriers to development through engineering, and even became the Vice President.
She adds: “Having been a member of the society for two years now, I have undergone a long journey in which I have discovered for myself, [and] the function of an engineer in society: to design and implement engineering projects that will contribute to sustainable development, and improve the living standards of humankind.”
Through her internships and being a university mentor, Rena learned that communication is crucial, even though she noticed that it may not be the strongest trait engineers possess.
“Engineering is a very technical subject. Most engineering students get used to thinking and speaking indirectly in numbers, therefore communication and strong leadership seem to be particularly challenging skills for them to develop over time,” she explains.
Speaking fluently in five different languages enabled her to help people all over the world. Her dream job is to work for a non-government organization, which improves societies’ lives.
“The ability to speak many languages is an incredibly valuable life skill, and it has helped in many different ways,” she points out. “For example: easier communication and understanding of different cultures and their traditions, especially when working on a project in an international group.”


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