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Sheffield Industrial Engineer Wants To Save the World

Vinay Nair explains how his passion for Engineering solves everyday problems.

Vinay Nair, Sheffield University Campus Manager

Vinay Nair, Sheffield University Campus Manager

Vinay Nair, Campus Manager for Sheffield Universtiy explains the benefits fo studying Engineering at Sheffield. He also sheds light on his website 'Vingettes of Introspection' which gives information on all the unkowns.


What inspired you to take up the engineering profession?

Engineering is my passion. It’s in my blood and runs through my veins. As my father once said: “Believe in what you love to do and achieve the path of righteousness, success will follow.”

The ability to create and the standard to build is what I look upon myself as an engineer. Bring out a change in the world and do it with style. Engineering has always given solutions to my questions. An Engineering solution can ultimately save your day. Therefore, to be able to contribute my part to society as a professional engineer has always been my plan for the future.


What led you to the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management field?

While working on Ordnance Factory projects for my fieldwork, I realised that in order to excel in engineering, it is important to be trained in the management skills relevant for the industry where you will work. An effective engineer can be successful only when he understands what the head of management expects him to do and how his work can benefit the market his products are launching into. The best goods and services can be produced only when the producer can think like a customer and understand the need of the market from the markets point of view. Technical skills alone are not enough for a world which is striving to be politically, economically and commercially apt.


What Benefits Do You Feel You have Reaped from Engaging in Industrial Projects?

My Experience working with projects for the Indian Ordnance factories has been one of the most important phases in my life. This is through the development of my understanding of the technical world of engineering in depth and maintaining the industrial standard of the qualitative and quantitative requirements of the industry. Working on large scale projects has taught me the skills of time management and workforce engagement. The skills and experiences gained from the whole process has helped bring about a discipline and persistent efforts to help complete any project undertaken within an allotted time.


Why did you choose to attend Sheffield - and how have you found the experience so far?

There were several reasons why I wanted to join Sheffield University. First, I wanted to be a part of a world class University while stepping into a professional role in the industry. Sheffield provided an excellent Engineering course at a high ranking university. The University has close ties with industries like Rolls Royce, Boeing and that encourages me to entrust my studentship to this university where education is provided through industrial sources. Furthermore, the University of Sheffield has partnered with Boeing and Rolls Royce to bring forward a state of the art research faculty called the AMRC.

The course offered by The University of Sheffield has a balance of core technical aspects with industrial exposure and that gives a wide selection of choice for any student expecting to get into the extremes of engineering world. The Faculty of Engineering and facilities available in the University are world class and they impressed me when I was choosing my university.


You founded your own website platform, Vignettes of Introspection - how does this website tie into your interest in engineering?

The purpose of Vignettes of Introspection is to research and discover with the help of scientific data, ancient texts. It also adopts ideas of scholars and various religious views, to accomplish the task of acquiring knowledge of the unknown, to provide ample information on a subject and to enlighten the reality behind it. Everything existing, co-existing or non-existing in the universe has a valid reason behind it which needs to be determined and we strive meticulously for the same. To seek the fundamental notions by which human beings comprehend the world. The study of how beliefs, thoughts and intention affect the physical and practical World around us. To understand the totality of all the phenomena within the Universe and conceivably beyond it. Practically how the whole system is engineered to such a perfection.


What are you hoping to do after graduation?

My skills and experience during the university has exposed me to a wide variety of opportunities and chances I would like to engage myself into. Being a part of an international start-up competition and securing a second place has developed a sense of entrepreneurial confidence within. I look forward to serving the community, working with a new world of engineering opportunities and developing my interest in the Space Science, Energy and Defence Sectors.


What are you hoping to get out of your campus manager role with EngineeringBecause?

With my role as a Campus Manager for EngineeringBecause I would meticulously try to engage into learning from different student networks within the university and representing EB as the engineering front for the student community. I believe that learning from people’s merits helps to carve out a noble human being in you.


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