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The Highest Paying Engineering Industry Graduate Jobs

Written by Elena Doncheva | Get Hired | Thursday 14th May 2015 12:46:00 GMT

Engineering firms are desperate to hire talent. But what can engineering graduates expect to earn? And which sectors pay the most?

© lagereek

© lagereek

It is the end of the term and engineering students will need some inspiration to motivate them. EngineeringBecause has taken to look at the best paid industry jobs for engineers.

For those who are just about to graduate, there is a high chance you will work for an engineering company – which are desperate to hire talent. According to research by the Higher Education Statistics Authority, 70% of recent graduates will find a job in a specialized organization, with just 8.4% working in finance, business or management, says the Higher Education Careers Service Unit.

The Times Good University Guide for 2015 emphasizes that the highest paid graduate engineers are in the chemical industry, with £29,582 average starting salaries, followed by general specialists earning £26,362. Junior mechanical engineering jobs pay £26,076, and aeronautical and manufacturing jobs pay £25,343 annually. Electrical engineers fall way back with £24,639 in salary, closely followed by civil engineers’ average of £24,524.

However, acquiring your higher education degree in the UK will improve your average income by more than 50%, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, especially if you have done any work experience while you were still at university.

Despite the complex job market and the fierce competition for jobs, many firms cannot fill in their starting positions, due to shortage of science and engineering graduates.

Engineers should also consider applying for jobs at smaller companies which, although often not as technologically advanced as big companies, present attractive career opportunities. 


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