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Advice on how to get hired by some of the most sought-after employers in the world, including interviews with talent directors and hiring managers at interesting technology, manufacturing, energy, finance and consulting firms.

  • Matchtech has 29 years’ experience in engineering recruitment.

    Get Hired: Matchtech

    Incisive and inspirational careers guidance from Keith Lewis, Managing Director of top UK engineering recruitment agency Matchtech!

    posted on: 08/07/2013

  • Will says Virgin Galactic will ask about something you've 'designed, built and tested' at interview.

    Get Hired: Virgin Galactic

    Virgin Galactic are hiring engineers. Read on for tips on how to work at one of the most exciting companies on earth (and beyond!)

    posted on: 07/24/2013

  • A compelling 'elevator speech' can really help you stand out, Lauren says.

    Get Hired: Bosch

    What does a career at Bosch offer, and what does Bosch look for in engineers? Lauren Bockin from the company's HR team has essential insider advice.

    posted on: 07/18/2013

  • Matt says the job market for engineers has diversified in recent years.

    Get Hired: Recruitment Rocket

    What do Fortune 500 companies really want? Which kinds of engineers are in demand? What should programmers be doing at college? Priceless answers from a top recruiter!

    posted on: 07/13/2013

  • Greet Brosens urges engineers to sharpen their 'soft skills'.

    Get Hired: Sagent Recruitment

    Greet Brosens set up Sagent Recruitment, a women-owned business, to change engineering recruitment. Her mission is to use 'the power of relationships whilst embracing technological innovation.'

    posted on: 07/04/2013