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Get Hired: Mott MacDonald

Written by Isha Agarwal | Get Hired | Thursday 28th August 2014 10:50:00 GMT

Mott MacDonald, the leading engineering consultancy, speaks exclusively to EB about career opportunities and internships for engineers.

Want to land a job at the leading engineering consultancy? (© Andrei Merkulov)

Want to land a job at the leading engineering consultancy? (© Andrei Merkulov)

Mott MacDonald is one of the leading engineering, management and development consultancies. The firm has 16,000 global staff and works in 140 different countries, and regularly recruits from (although is not limited to) about 20 specific UK universities.
Holly Savage, graduate recruitment advisor, speaks exclusively to EB about the graduate and internship opportunities for engineers at the company. She explains what an ideal job candidate looks like, the different graduate schemes and internships available to engineers, and what career advancement you can expect at the firm. 
What career opportunities are there for engineering graduates at Mott MacDonald?
We offer a number of schemes which are open to engineers, including civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and transport planning. 
The schemes are all full-time, permanent roles, where graduates will be working in one of our core sectors – water, environment, transportation, geotechnics, power and buildings.
We also offer a number of other graduate positions, including fire engineering and systems engineering.
What internship opportunities are there for engineering students?
We have both industrial placements and summer internship opportunities available for engineering students. We have positions for civil, electrical and mechanical engineers. During the internship, students will be working in one of our core sectors. 
In all of our placements students will be working with graduates, experienced professionals and other students, learning about Mott MacDonald, our structure and culture. Most importantly, our internships will get you involved with real projects to gain relevant experience.
Are there any specific recruitment schemes for UK graduates?
We have a number of graduate schemes which UK graduates are eligible to apply for. These include: Civil engineering; mechanical engineering; electrical engineering; transport planning; environment; management consultancy; and project and cost management.
What makes Mott MacDonald a great place for someone with an engineering background to work at?
As a large international consultancy, there is scope to work on a variety of exciting projects, as well as the potential to work on international projects. 
As one of the world’s largest employee-owned organisations, there is a real commitment to staff development. We have a dedicated learning and development team, who offer an award winning graduate development programme, and are able to offer support and advice for gaining chartership.
Which qualities do you look for in applicants?
We look for a strong academic background and a clear interest in working for an engineering consultancy. The ideal candidate will demonstrate a passion for engineering through extra-curricular activities or work placements. 
We are looking for someone who works well in a team and has good time management skills. 
How much work experience, and in which engineering disciplines is desirable?
All our graduate roles are entry-level and therefore [we] do not expect graduates to have relevant work experience – though it is obviously desirable. 
All work experience is useful, particularly if you have done engineering placements. The most relevant experience would be in an engineering consultancy, working in the sector you have applied to.
Do you recruit from any specific universities?
We target approximately 20 UK universities however we recruit from universities throughout the UK.
Will new hires have the opportunity to work in different global locations?
We have projects in 140 countries – there are opportunities to work in other countries in both the long-term and short-term. 
Whether new starters will work abroad will depend on the opportunities available abroad at the time, and the graduates’ interests in global projects.
What can a graduate expect in terms of career development within three years at the company?
Our graduate scheme supports development through a tailored programme, allowing you to progress within one of the world’s leading engineering consultancies. Graduates will be offered training required to meet the objectives of a professional training agreement, and will be supported by a chartered mentor. 
You will have access to our award winning innovative graduate tool, UpGRADe, which allows you to record and manage your personal and professional development. 
You will also be enrolled onto our award winning academy, which is a four-year, structured training programme offering you the opportunity to develop the skills required to drive your career. 
We have over 200 online courses available, all geared to enhance your development, covering topics such as IT packages, presentation skills and commercial awareness. A graduate should be well on their way to achieving their chartership.


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