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The Top 5 Most In Demand Engineers

Written by Elena Doncheva | Get Hired | Sunday 27th April 2014 16:10:00 GMT

We list the top 5 of the highest demand engineering professions

Engineers Wanted

Engineers Wanted

Starting an Engineering course may have definitely been the smartest decision in your life. We can list many reasons - from high salaries to respectable positions, but the truth is finding a job after graduating may be challenging. Therefore, we did some research about which engineering professions mark the highest demand nowadays.

Electrical Engineers

You would have to show exceptional skills within electrical systems and power system modeling, as well as strict time management, but, we doubt, this would scare you. With a such degree you would be able to find a job in the US, United Kingdom, as well as various Asian countries such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

Industrial Engineers

This is the profession with probably the highest demand at the moment due to industrial growth and technology development. If you define yourself as a problem solver, good with project managing and a strategist, you hold a great advantage.  Of course, you would be able to find a lot of opportunities in the US, but also in India and Sweden.

Aerospace Engineers

Flight engineers are said to be one of the most endangered professionals in the US. However, Aerospace enables you to enter many industries, not just aircraft regarded ones. If you are looking for a job, you can check Germany, who boast with the investments they make in research and development, as one of the best European countries offering various programmes.

Petroleum Engineers

You will be involved in all of the stages of oil and gas evaluation, while the profession divides into four categories: petroleum geologist, reservoir, production and drilling engineers. The United Arab Emirates are probably the main destination for such professionals, but if you are not a huge fan of the all year summer, you may want to check Argentine and the UK.

Environmental Engineers

The industrial growth actually holds dangers for the environment, which is no surprise. Therefore, companies are looking for environmental engineers to improve their systems. You can choose to combine your knowledge of the environment, with civil engineering, when you would be managing water resources, dealing with water treatment and hydrology.

Even if you are not finishing a course in one of these subjects, do not worry. Engineering is the profession of the highest demand in the world. Showing willingness to learn, managing your skills and knowledge will always help you find the perfect position. 


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