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Get Hired: Just Eat Technology

Written by Seb Murray | Get Hired | Thursday 6th March 2014 14:53:00 GMT

Just Eat is not just your go-to for takeaways when you and your housemates can’t be bothered to cook: the company's tech arm is on a major recruitment drive. They speak exclusively to EB.

Just Eat is more than just your Saturday night takeaway. They have jobs for engineers

Just Eat is more than just your Saturday night takeaway. They have jobs for engineers

Just Eat is not just your go-to for takeaways when you and your housemates can’t be bothered to cook. The company may be renowned for getting a chicken korma to your door after a few swipes of your finger across an iPhone, but their technology department is on a major recruitment drive.

The engineers and boffins at Just Eat Technology are the brains behind the app development and delivery system that keep you well fed throughout the semester. The UK-based online fast food ordering start-up is set for the biggest IPO in London’s tech cluster, known to East Londoners as Tech City, at a valuation in the range of £700m to £900m.

That figure is potentially up to 90 times the company’s projected 2013 earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization. Just Eat’s net revenues were expected to be £100m in 2013.

This week the start-up acquired Meal2Go, a maker of electronic point of sale technology tailored to the restaurant sector, in a move aimed at expanding its service to offer its takeaway partners additional services.

Founded in Denmark in 2001, Just Eat is the largest online takeaway group in the UK and operates in 13 countries. They are partnered with 20,000+ takeaway restaurants in the UK alone.

But the technology branch is an independent team that maintains the start-up ethos, insists Bennie Johnston, Head of APIs at Just Eat Technology.

Engineers won’t be making food, he says. Rather, they’ll be tasked with improving the entire ordering process for a company that is set to be one of the most expensive tech stocks in the UK.

The technology arm of the food giant speaks exclusively to EngineeringBecause, and Bennie says there are numerous job opportunities on offer.

Tell us what Just Eat Technology is about.

We’re a small independent team and that helps give us that start-up ethos, and we still maintain that. We're a tech company; it’s not cooking; it’s not delivering, we don’t do those things. Its restaurants that do that.

What we do is the tech. We own the entire process of the technology on the website, to the devices we put in the restaurants. We build that ourselves and we maintain it. But we're not just tech; we have jobs in other departments. We need good people that know what they’re doing.

So why just eat? What do we provide for you? We have [the] flexibility of small independent teams that can make their own decisions.

Are you currently hiring and what roles are available at the company?

We are looking to hire. It’s a growing company and we’re struggling to find good people in the market.

We represent the technology department, so we really look across the board: developers, backend, big data experts, anything really. If you've got skills we can find a place for you.

We do [also] have jobs in business; we have a large product section.

Are engineering backgrounds desirable?

Yeah, we look for top-notch people, people with good backgrounds who know what they’re doing and are happy to come in and help us grow and help us learn.

A lot of people want jobs but its finding the right people.  We need to grow twice as much this year as last year.

In our engineering department we [currently] have about 50, and we’re lookng to have about 75 by the end of the year.

Engineers can expect to work in London’s Tech City - what's the area like?

We’re near St. Paul’s [East London]. It’s a great place to be and it’s not full of suits. It’s a lovely place to work and meet like-minded individuals.

A lot of the time the businesses we do collaborate with have been near us. So it makes that sort of thing easy. For small scale start-ups, there are loads of office spaces. And once you do grow bigger, it’s cheaper than going to an office in the West End.

Why should engineers want to work at Just Eat Technology?

It’s all about small teams. And being empowered to make the decisions. There are no great levels of bureaucracy or management. It’s up to the individual engineers to decide what they think is best for the company and make change happen.

What level of education is required?

It’s the skills of the people rather than the background they have. If you've got a Doctorate and you know your stuff then come along and talk to us. But if you’ve been building websites and playing with apps in your house and you know what you’re doing, then come and talk to us.

Your background doesn’t matter, it’s the skills that you have.

Any recruitment tips?

Know what you're talking about and be honest when you don’t. And come and impress us.

To find out more about job opportunities at the company, visit:


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