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Get Hired: Ferrari

Written by Seb Murray | Get Hired | Wednesday 11th September 2013 16:51:00 GMT

Dream of working for Ferrari? In this exclusive interview, their Talent and Acquisition Director tells you what the interview process is like and how to get involved in their graduate program!



Ferrari is one of the most recognisable automotive brands in the world. They hire a staggering 2,900 employees and 70 per cent of them are engineers. With a popular Graduate Training Scheme that kicks off this month, the future is bright for engineers hoping to land a job with Ferrari at their headquarters in Italy.

In this exclusive interview Dennis De Munck, the company's Talent, Acquisition and Development Director, gives us an insight into the company from the ground up. Find out what makes Ferrai a great place for engineers, what the graduate development program is like and how to beat the 50,000 other applicants they get each year!

What is your role at Ferrari and how long have you been there?

I’ve been at Ferrari for five months. My role is Talent, Acquisition and Development Director.  I’m not just responsible for hiring for the head office in Italy, but also for the offices around the world. We are a global company with our head office in Italy, but we also have offices in London, Oxford, Tokyo and Singapore.

 I’m not an engineer but it shows that Ferrari has been branching out and moving away from hiring just engineers - as they are looking to have more variation among their employees.

What makes Ferrari a great place to work for engineers?

At Ferrari, you really get a sense team spirit, not just an individual’s team but the global team.  The CEO, Amedeo Felisa, gets involved with the production process. You could even be working alongside him!

We are a company that are always looking for the most cutting edge innovations and always want to improve our models, and look for the best technology.

We launched ‘La Ferrari’ earlier this year, and even though it’s at the highest spec of technology in terms of performance and also in terms of the ‘soul’ of the car, we are still looking to innovate and not only maintain but improve our brand name.

How many engineers does Ferrari hire each year?

We have 2900 employees and about 70% of them are engineers. We are hiring more and more at graduate level, but we also hire people that aren’t graduates, but have a lot of experience.

Do you hire throughout the entire year, or in batches?

We hire both throughout the year and in batches. We have two main graduate intakes for our Graduate Training Scheme, one in September and one in March. Therefore, we are more likely to hire a graduate in September or March but we hire people with a bit more experience throughout the year, too.

With production exclusive to Italy, what would an employee’s role be in one of the other offices?

They might be helping with Formula One strategy in, for example, the Oxford (UK) office. But usually we get an employee to start at the head office so that they get to learn about the company and understand the techniques, before they move to another one of our offices.

What is the interview process like at Ferrari?

The interview process is rigorous at Ferrari. We get 50,000 applications a year, so a tough interview process is necessary.

We look for graduates with a really strong academic record and evidence of experience in good internships. We definitely look for applicants who have been to an excellent university, such as Oxford or Cambridge, but we also look at those from universities across France and Italy, and those who have a slightly lesser academic record who maybe had fewer opportunities.

We love our applicants to be bursting with energy and with ideas for the future, but also those who we think will be compatible with Ferrari’s principles and values.

What does the graduate development programme involve?

We take on about 60 per cent engineering graduates and 40 per cent business graduates. The business graduates are more likely to be involved in the Sales and Marketing team and obviously the engineers help with the production of the cars, although if the engineers have taken finance courses with their degree, they may work on the business front as well.

Within the programme, the graduates get exclusive opportunities to work with experts in the different fields of production. For example, there are very few people who know about the aluminium process, so we would get an expert to teach the graduates about this area and then after about two and a half years they might move on to one of our other offices.

At the head office, is Italian the main language spoken?

English is the common language. We have employees from 29 different countries and Italian is spoken a lot of the time too. If a team is mainly Italian, and we do hire a lot of Italians, then they will speak in Italian, but if there is an international employee too, then the team will also talk in English. We encourage all international employees to learn Italian if they are working at the head office, as it gives them a chance to really immerse themselves in the culture.


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Tuesday 4th February 2014, 01.56 (UTC)

ali hemati

hi, I like work in ferrari company, I am mechanical engineer, Master degree and I have a 4 paper about vehicle vibration control, please guide me to that

best wishes

Tuesday 4th February 2014, 02.11 (UTC)

ali hemati

Paper Title

1-"Optimal Feedback Control of Vehicle Vibration with Eight Degrees of Freedom"

2-Optimal Control of Vehicle Vibration with Eight Degrees of Freedom using PID controller"

3-Full vehicle model roll vibration control using vobration absorber

4- Optimisation of passive suspension coefficients using Genetics algorithm

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