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Written by Imran Yusuf | Get Hired | Thursday 18th July 2013 10:37:00 GMT

What does a career at Bosch offer, and what does Bosch look for in engineers? Lauren Bockin from the company's HR team has essential insider advice.

A compelling 'elevator speech' can really help you stand out, Lauren says.

A compelling 'elevator speech' can really help you stand out, Lauren says.

Does Bosch hire engineers from a range of disciplines? Which ones?
In regards to our Leadership Development Programs, Bosch recruits Mechanical, Electrical and Computer Science engineers.
What kinds of roles are available to new graduates at Bosch?
I am excited to share two opportunities available for new graduates at Bosch, both of which were designed to put young engineers on the fast track towards professional and leadership opportunities. The Professional Development Training (PDT) and Junior Managers Program (JMP) are 24-month programs composed of four rotational assignments custom designed to include cross functional and cross divisional opportunities. Assignments will be in varied work environments in the US and internationally, including technical centers, corporate offices and manufacturing facilities. Engineers in our programs can expect to rotate through various roles, including but not limited to design, development, applications, manufacturing, product and project engineering. 
What does Bosch look for in new recruits?
Aside from the minimum program requirements, (work authorization, GPA, relevant internship, leadership experience, mobility, etc.) there are a lot of things I look for in new recruits. Going beyond the technical competence I would expect to observe, I want someone who excels at the simple stuff right away. Present yourself smartly, be prompt and introduce yourself with a smile and a confident handshake. The soft skills observed during the assessment process are often weighed just as strongly as the technical skills.  
What sets Bosch's graduate recruitment apart from other companies?
There are two components of our leadership development programs that set Bosch’s programs apart from those other companies. The first would be our mentoring initiative. Upon joining the program, all trainees are aligned with both a peer and executive mentor.  Trusting and mutually beneficial, these relationships help foster professional development and help our new associates leverage networking opportunities. The second component which is a distinguishing factor of Bosch’s programs would be the international assignment. All associates in Bosch’s professional development programs will have the opportunity to complete an international assignment towards the end of their program.  I’ve supported trainees as they rotate through Germany, Mexico, Japan, China, France, and Australia; our most recent Computer Science trainee has chosen India for his international assignment based on the nature of software development. The experiences gained while working abroad give our trainees a significant kick start to their career while working in a global organization.  
Does Bosch in the US hire international graduates as well?
For the Professional Development Programs at Bosch North America, we do not hire international students. We will, however, pass resumes of international students along to our many facilities across the globe.  
Do you hire from particular schools?
We hire from a select number of targeted universities with strong, high-caliber technical programs, including but not limited to, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of Michigan, Michigan State University and The Ohio State University.  
What tips would you give to a young engineer wanting to apply to Bosch?
Do your research before you interview, accept a phone screen or meet a recruiter on campus. Take some time to understand what my organization is about and put some thought into how you can add value. In any given afternoon at a career fair, I’ll speak with upwards of 400 students. By practicing your elevator speech you’ll not only make yourself memorable and stand apart from those other 400 students, but you’ll also put your resume to the top of my list for follow-up.    
Any tips on CVs and interview technique? What do applicants often get wrong?
Many students think that the reason for writing a resume is to get a job. The result ends up being a really long (read: boring) document that recruiters don’t want to read. The objective for a resume isn’t landing a job; it’s to land you an interview! By completing some preliminary research you’ll be able to tailor your resume to an organization’s particular opportunity and better define yourself as a qualified candidate. The success of the subsequent interview will then depend on your ability to demonstrate a “match” between your qualifications and the needs of an employer.  
Finally, what do you think of the current job market for engineers? How are things changing?  
Global competitive pressures and advancing technologies are forcing more companies to continue to improve, innovate and optimize their internal processes. Employers like Bosch will be heavily relying on engineers to increase our productivity, expand output of goods and continue innovation across all of our sectors. I foresee increasing opportunities at Bosch in many disciplines within the field of engineering but specifically in electrical and computer science engineering.  
For more information on Bosch’s Leadership Development Programs, please visit  


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