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Kurdistan: Booming For Oil Engineers

Written by Imran Yusuf | Engineering Middle East | Friday 12th April 2013 12:32:00 GMT

For an engineering career in oil and gas, your future may lie in northern Iraq.

Kurdistan: take a look at the ‘other’ Iraq.

Kurdistan: take a look at the ‘other’ Iraq.

Engineers interested in oil and gas careers should consider moving to Erbil. Never heard of it? Well, you have now. This boom town is the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. It’s growing at an incredible rate as foreign oil companies eye up the region’s estimated 45 billion barrels of oil.
There are new hotels and restaurants in the city every month – and the surrounding area provides a backdrop of stunning natural beauty.
By 2030, Iraq is expected to become the world’s second-largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia. With instability and political division still stalling progress in Baghdad, foreign oil companies have looked at the northern Kurdish region to set up shop. The region has been largely immune from the the violence which has rocked the rest of the country since the 2003 war.
The Kurdistan Regional Government sees production from the region, now just over 200,000 barrels a day, rising to 1m b/d by 2015 and 2m b/d by 2019. 
Top oil companies involved in engineering projects in Kurdistan include:


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