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Building Opportunities: Career Avenues For Engineers In The UAE

Written by K S | Engineering Middle East | Thursday 11th December 2014 12:20:00 GMT

As the UAE makes a push towards a stronger, knowledge-based economy, the avenues for engineers to apply their skills are increasing.

© Cherkas

© Cherkas

The United Arab Emirates has long been seen as a land of opportunity, and as the region makes a push towards a stronger, knowledge-based economy the avenues for engineers to apply their skills are increasing. Space technology, infrastructure and sustainability are all opening up opportunities for engineers.

Into space

Space technology is a potential opening for budding engineers who are studying a mechatronics engineering degree.

Recently, the UAE began undertaking its first foray into space technology. The CabeSat Mission is a development program that aims to develop the capabilities of engineering students while promoting space sciences to make them more accessible to young Emirati engineers.

They will acquire hands-on experience in designing, integrating, testing and operating a communications satellite. The satellite itself is due to be launched at the end of next year.

Investment in infrastructure

Dubai’s successful bid for the World Expo 2020, which is expected to draw in some 25 million visitors, has been a big win for the Emirate — and for engineers looking for work. A host of infrastructure projects will be required and, according to the UAE Society of Engineers, approximately $6.9 billion has been earmarked for the expo alone.

The main project is the Jebel Ali site, a 438 hectare spot by the Al Maktoum International Airport. The new district will feature three vast pavilions that are designed to symbolise opportunity, sustainability and mobility.

The walkways that link the different areas will be futuristic yet inspired by the layout of traditional Arab souks.

Sustainability is a big theme of the design, with a photovoltaic fabric structure that will cover these walkways, acting as a sunshade and, impressively, it will be able to supply half of the Expo’s energy requirements.

Keeping it sustainable

Preservation of the environment and sustainable development are a part of the UAE National Agenda, as set out in its Vision 2021. Improving air quality, preserving water resources, contributing more clean energy and green growth plans are all part of this.

Interestingly, earlier this year Middle East Electricity, the long-running energy event, hosted a competition for engineering undergraduates to design and present their own energy conservation and alternative energy solutions. Sustainability is definitely on the UAE’s radar.

As the UAE pushes hard to drive the national economy from strength to strength, the time is right to be an engineer. The region is providing opportunities for both experienced engineers and those who are learning more about the trade, or seeking experience to get projects under their belt.

The UAE already has a reputation for lavish lifestyles, extravagance and attractive buildings. This will only increase.


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