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The Top Five UK Engineering Events This Autumn

Written by Elena Doncheva | Engineering Europe | Thursday 18th September 2014 15:19:00 GMT

Heading back to university this month? Don't miss these top-five autumn events, which are dedicated to the newest advances in engineering.

What does Autumn 2014 hold for engineering? Find out with our list of the five best UK events

What does Autumn 2014 hold for engineering? Find out with our list of the five best UK events

The new academic year starts this month, with engineering students and companies returning from their summer holidays. Everyone has a new schedule, new projects to work on, and is looking toward the upcoming New Year, 2015.
If you have been wondering what to do on your lecture-free days or spare hours (if you have any), EngineeringBecause has compiled the ultimate list of top engineering events in the UK this autumn. 
If you are struggling for inspiration or you are curious about the newest technologies in engineering industries, this is the guide you have been waiting for.
14 October 2014
You can become a part of the most exciting industry in the UK, and hear about engineering’s contribution to it at this event in London. Guest speakers are some of the leading engineering and gaming talents – including Jamie Shotton of Microsoft Kinect and Mitu Khandaker-Kokoris, from The Tiniest Shark game, who will answer your questions at the end of the session.
22nd – 23rd OCTOBER 2014
The Engineering Design Show combines four events in one location, providing free workshops, guest talks delivered by leading engineers and presentations displaying cutting-edge innovations. 
You will have the opportunity to observe the latest developments in additive manufacturing, technology and materials. The Eureka Conference boasts guest speakers varying from Mick Carlisle, chief of engineering transmissions at car-maker Rolls-Royce, to Simon Calvert, Director of R&D at Siemens Magnet Technology, a leading design and manufacturing company.
29th OCTOBER 2014
One of the perks of visiting The Graduate Engineering and Science Show is the Employability Zone. Workshops of up to 20 people per session will be delivered by the UK's top experts in the employment field. 
This event is especially suitable for undergraduates who are looking to expand and develop their industry knowledge. Also, why don't you check out the Inspire Engineering Challenge, the winner of which will be announced next month at the show, on the end of October.
11th – 12th November 2014
Advanced Engineering UK is a group of events, combining five different shows under one roof. Aero, Composites, Automotive, Performance Metals Engineering and Auto Electronics are the five streams you can visit during the two day series in November. 
The events present you with the incredible opportunity to choose among various conferences, and from more than 200 different speakers. 
5th - 6th November 2014
This two-day conference focuses on the rise of electric vehicles and the related technology’s development. Presentation topics vary from infrastructure to reliability and safety.
Students interested in taking part can register work and research that is related to the topic, under the guidance of a professor or head of department.


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