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Written by Kate Jillings | Engineering Competitions | Wednesday 10th April 2013 12:38:00 GMT

We're looking for smart, energetic Campus Managers at the top 100 engineering schools worldwide. If you're someone who likes to get things done, apply today!

EngineeringBecause: a global careers network for bright, young engineers

EngineeringBecause: a global careers network for bright, young engineers

Howdie folks,

Welcome to EngineeringBecause, the first careers network for bright young engineers around the world!

It's here to help the hottest brains on the planet find great jobs and internships... Students at the world's top 100 engineering schools, that would be YOU!

On EngineeringBecause you'll be able to:
  • Connect with and message recruiters, recent alumni, and fellow-undergrads at the top 100 engineering schools worldwide.
  • Search for people by location, engineering discipline, and companies they've worked for
  • Look for jobs, internships and grad schemes in the Jobs Zone, updated every day
  • Be found by recruiters
  • Read daily career advice, job news and recruiter interviews
  • Share info about your campus, work experience and more with the EngineeringBecause community

Whether you want to model financial algorithms, safety-test on an oil rig, or prototype an energy-efficient lavatory, we'll dive into the nitty gritty to help you understand more about the amazing jobs out there!

To help build the EngineeringBecause network we're hiring Campus Managers from 100 top international schools. If you're keen to get involved, please message Isha, our community manager, today.

The role:

EngineeringBecause Campus Manager - three months

What we'd like you to do

  • Encourage your classmates to join EngineeringBecause and gather feedback about the site
  • Publish two stories per term from your campus (such as interviews with your classmates, speaker events, hackathons or outrageous parties and photo articles)
  • Gather feedback about engineering internships and job applications to share with the EngineeringBecause community

What you'll get from us:

  • An official role to add to your resume (all extra-curricular stuff helps in the competitive graduate job market!)
  • Three months involvement with a fast-paced online media start up (think "LinkedIn for Engineers"), and a fun, smart team
  • $100 in Amazon vouchers for the first 25 of your classmates who register on EngineeringBecause and first 5 that write an internship review.
  • $50 more in Amazon vouchers for every additional 25 members
  • Your own welcome pack with some awesome swag
  • Special acknowledgement on the Campus Managers page on EngineeringBecause - great exposure to our network of international recruiters at the likes of Google, Deutsche Bank and Samsung
  • Great publicity for your school (via news stories and profiles) on EngineeringBecause


Fill out your EngineeringBecause resume and send Isha a brief (five sentences max) message saying why you'd like to be a Campus Manager. Please provide your skype ID - we'd like to have a quick skype chat with each successful applicant.

Check out the rest of the EngineeringBecause team here and browse our latest news stories here


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