Demystified: MechEng Graduate At Upstream Oil & Gas Engineering Firm

Written by Seb Murray | Demystified | Thursday 30th July 2015 12:48:00 GMT

University of Alberta mechanical engineering graduate spent four years working at Noetic Engineering in Canada.

Marcus Beaudry works at an environmental technology start-up in London

Marcus Beaudry works at an environmental technology start-up in London

The same summer Marcus Beaudry graduated from a B.Sc in mechanical engineering at Canada's University of Alberta, he landed a job as a project engineer at Noetic Engineering, a Canadian upstream oil and gas engineering consultancy firm based in Edmonton.

The hot young engineer worked at the cutting edge of scientific research at Noetic, devising engineering solutions that pushed the boundaries of design.

Before his degree he spent five months as an engineering intern at Mammoet, one of North America's biggest civil engineering and power generation businesses, where he designed several lifts and transports.

The former Society of Automotive Engineers member also worked at his university's Internal Combustion Research Laboratory, where he researched smoothing operating mode transitions between Spark Ignition and Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition.

In his down-time, the once childhood ski racer worked as a ski coach at Snow Valley Racing, also in Edmonton.

His career has taken an about-turn. Marcus is studying at IESE, a leading business school in Madrid. He says there are many transferable skills from engineering – problem solving, adaptability, and decision making are but a few.

He is currently working an internship in a business development role at AM Technology, an environmental technology start-up in London.

What key skills are transferable from engineering to business/management?

Engineering is about solving problems. Being able to break a problem down into its key constituents and see all the factors at play is key to both engineering and business careers.

As an engineer you gather information, make assumptions, test your assumptions, and methodically assemble a solution. To me, business and management is no different, though often the problem, information, feedback and assumptions are all more poorly defined.

In both fields you must be able to synthesize a structured plan to address problems, while allowing ample room to adjust the solution as new information appears.

What was your greatest challenge at Noetic Engineering 2008 Inc?

Noetic Engineering is an oil and gas engineering consultancy which had a reputation for solving the hardest-to-solve engineering problems. The situations we encountered often led us to the leading edge of scientific research, which meant that devising engineering solutions often meant pushing the boundaries of design and exploring the unknown.

The greatest challenges came in understanding when we had reached the limits of known science and determining how to proceed in the face of uncertainty.

Why did you decide to begin an MBA at IESE?

Throughout university I got involved with some extracurricular projects and started to realize that I quite enjoyed and excelled at project management.

The same discovery process continued for the next couple years of my engineering career, until I finally decided it was time to take the leap and move fully into project management, but on a much higher level. An MBA was the easiest way to launch myself on this new career path.

What are your future career plans? 

Post-graduation I hope to launch an international career relating to business strategy with perhaps some operations management thrown in. Given my engineering background, I’ll try to chase a company that has a sufficiently technical product or service offering.

Longer term, I’m certain I’ll end up starting my own business. In what exactly? Only time will tell. Defining a career path now is a difficult exercise because if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I like snatching new and interesting opportunities as they present themselves.


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