Hindustan Construction Company

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Mumbai, India

Trainee (2010)


Duration: 5 weeks
Salary(Weekly) GBP: 0
Key Responsibilities:
  • Verification of Design Projects
Number of interviews: 1
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
This Intern ship was a gateway to the construction industry. I was able to apply my theoretical knowledge in Practical real world problems. In addition , It created a sound base for my design courses at the institute. The Work is good, People are really passionate about their jobs and the pay is reasonable in this industry. In terms of Jobs, You start with a year or 2 of training where the pay shall be modest but great chance to learn. Once Experienced this field is a booming field in terms of work and money. You could get to be a prt of creating you own landscape on the the worlds' canvas
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