Ford Motor Company

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London, United Kingdom

IT Vacation Trainee (2012)


Duration: 8 weeks
Salary(Weekly) GBP: 400
Key Responsibilities:
  • Developed my teamwork skills by proactively working with the operations and applications team
  • Implemented and managed the knowledge articles project for four different applications currently used by the Global Service Desk; this developed my initiative and project management skills
  • Researching solutions for Global Service Desk further developed my analytical and problem solving skills
Number of interviews: 2
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Application Process • I started with my application by completing an application online, as other companies will require. The application form was not too long, took about three hours to complete. • I got a reply from the company concerning my application about two weeks later, which I was invited to a phone interview. There were no online assessments Interview Process • My phone interview was mostly competency based interview. I had the general questions like team work, working under pressure, time management, about the company, why the role and all that. • The interview took about 30-35 minutes. • I got a response about a week later again concerning invite to an assessment center. Assessment Process • The assessment started at 10am. Unlike other assessment centers I’ve been to, this was an individual process. You are alone through out, not in a group. • The assessment center involved “one to one” interview with two managers from the firm, one general manager and the other from the division to which I applied. • It kicked off with questions about the company, then questions about my cv, then questions about the roles and finally general question. It was a smooth day but a long interview. Offer Process • I got a phone call about two weeks later to be informed of the assessment result and the job offer. • After accepting the offer, I got my package in the post about three/four weeks later. First Week • On the first day, it was mainly introduction day and setting up day. I got my temporary ID, got a temporary desk, got introduced to the team, got my dinner card and my business email. • The rest of the week was used for setting up business number; we had an induction where various managers from different divisions in the firm came to speak about the company and their roles to all the new interns. We then had a tour around the building and we slowly started getting involved with our teams. Second – Seventh Week • Unlike other interns, I worked remotely – meaning my manager and my supervisor were based in Germany, while I was in the UK. • Due to this setup, I had conference call will the team every morning to feedback work done previous day and to receive goals for the day. • The team I worked with, was the application support team. We worked on some applications that the company used and provided support to members of the firm, dealers and companies who used these applications. • My main assignment for the duration of the placement was to create some knowledge articles for five of the applications that we supported. This articles were to be used by the Global Support Desk in giving assistance to whoever needed it. • My second duty was to try and find a way the company can implement one support desk rather than the multiple support desks it had for various divisions. • During the course of my internship, my manager flew down to meet with me face to face, which was really nice. He was able to spend a day with the team before returning. • My manager was also able to set up a meeting for his manager and me., this was also very good as I felt treated like an employee. • Also during the course of my internship, I was able to attend some conferences held by senior figures of the firm such as the Vice president of the firm who flew down from America to talk to all the new employees. Final Week • As my placement started coming to an end, I had to start finalizing my assignments. At the stage, I had already completed the knowledge articles and proposed a system to implement the one GSD goal. • My manager flew down once again; we had a review of my placement and discussed future proposals. • On my last day I got s surprise celebration from my team and said my goodbye. Placement Summary It was a good experience overall, learning how the real world operates and getting involved directly was an eye opener. There were good days when a lot had to be covered, and slow days when there was not much to be done. The support that was rendered by the staff members was very good. Everyone was ready to help you if you ask. People were generally friendly and the atmosphere was calm. Apparently I overdress all the time, but it was a relaxed atmosphere. You were allowed to dress casual on Fridays. Will I want to work with Ford in the future? Yes and No No, to working within the division I was in because of the pace. The work was kind of slow for me. But Yes, if I was to work within other divisions. Thanks.
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