IIT Bombay Racing

We are a group of students from IIT Bombay who are united by our passion for engineering, and our desire to fulfil this dream. Our team shares a common goal of putting India on the world map of race/all terrain car manufacturers.

We started our journey in June 2007, when work on our first race car began. We participated in Formula SAE 2008, held in Michigan, USA, in May 2008. IIT Bombay was proud to be the only Indian team participating in the event.

Since its inception in 2008, IITB Racing has targeted excellence at the premier SAE Collegiate Design Competitions: Formula SAE (formula racecar competition) and Baja SAE (all-terrain vehicle competition). Inspired by the opportunity to work hands-on with automotive technology to design, manufacture and race a vehicle, over 100 students have been involved with IITB Racing, through its successful participation at 3 major competitions.

In its very first year, IITB Racing s formula car Vayu won the SAE Perseverance award for the Best Rookie Team at the FSAE Michigan 2008 event, held at the Michigan International Speedway in May 2008.

The second vehicle Prithvi , an all-terrain vehicle, won 5 awards (including Best Engineering Design and Maximum Acceleration) at the Baja SAE India 2009 event, held at NATRIP, Pithampur in January 2009

The 3rd vehicle Agni , a formula car, was the 2nd best Asian entry at the FSUK competition, held at the famous Silverstone Formula One Circuit, UK, in July 2009.

2012 turned out to be a very good year for IIT Bombay Racing with Prithvi 3.0, third version of the all-terrain vehicle Prithvi, completing 1 st in low weight sustainability and winning the best car award by peers at the Baja SAE India 2012 event held at Pithampur in February 2012. The year also witnessed the grand launch of EVo 1.0, India’s first student designed electric racing vehicle. Apart its breath-taking performance in all the competitions, the love and appreciation received by the judges and the fellow competitors is what keeps us going.

The story doesn’t end here. The team has bigger plans for the coming year with works going on vigorously on the design, manufacture, testing and experimentation of EVo 2.0 to participate in FSUK 2013 at the Silverstone Circuit in the UK. The challenge to catch up with superior technology and application of smart science runs through the veins of the team. One such example is the efforts being put to implement the electronic differential, introducing a new era in the Indian racing history. In spite of the academic thrust, the team members are immensely enthused to improve their engineering skills through constant know-how and desire for devising world-shattering innovations. With the bars of expectation raised to a whole new level, the team is all set on the path to victory, constantly inspiring the work environment with its golden words – “GLORY 2013”!

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