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London, United Kingdom

Summer Intern (2013)


Duration: 10 weeks
Salary(Weekly) GBP: 450
Key Responsibilities:
  • Generic Well Casing Design
Number of interviews: 0
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Application process: After reorganisation in 2011, the company still has relatively small number of interns and the recruitment process was only a competency-based interview with one of the department managers. He emphasised that no prior technical knowledge in drilling will be required but a bag full with inquisitive and initiatives. However, I believe that E.ON E&P is progressing at a rocket pace and will open up more internship positions in the near future. They might also execute a more formal assessment approach in view of high level of competency among students today. Internship period: I was based in Victoria, London, with my own personal desk and computer! My work mainly comprises of designing a generic well casing for Southern North Sea licenses acquired by E.ON. This generalisation is possible due to the similar play and formations in the Southern North Sea region. I started off reviewing the offset wells from previously drilled well to identify the lithology, pore pressure, fracture gradient and drilling philosophies as input to my design. Then, I performed design calculation taking into consideration worst possible load cases experienced by the casing during the lifetime of the well. With the forces and pressures known, I then select industrial common casing sizes, weight, grades and connections and evaluate the safety factor of the design. The casing selection process is re-iterated until a satisfactory safety factor is achieved. I was working in a very friendly environment. Colleagues are very helpful in explaining and passing on the knowledge. The managers are professional and inspiring at the same time. All in all, work-life balance is definitely there - team lunch every Friday of the week. During special days or events, the team will have dinner to celebrate the occasion. A single most interesting piece of equipment I have seen everyday in my office is shown in the picture attached. It is COOOL, but heavy!
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