Babcock is the home of epic engineering. A FTSE 100 company with revenue of circa £3.5bn in 2014, we’re the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation. We take care of all kinds of massive, complex projects. Projects that enable the world’s biggest companies and governments to provide the important services we all rely on in our day-to-day lives. From maintaining schools and railway lines to training firefighters and fighter pilots; from keeping the BBC World Service on the air to keeping the Royal Navy’s fleet in the ocean; from rescuing survivors to transporting workers - our business is based on delivering what we say we’ll deliver. Our reputation for exceeding expectations has seen our order book grow to £13.5bn and our service offering expand into the US, the Middle East, Australia, South Africa and Brazil, to name just a few.
To deliver epic projects we need a lot of people. Our global team is over 28,000-strong, offering clients a depth and breadth of expertise that’s hard to equal anywhere in the world. Together we deliver complex, critical support, ensuring vital assets are always working as they should. We build, we manage, we operate, we train and we maintain. And because we do, people around the world are safer, warmer, better connected and better served.
Whether you want to be an engineer, a project manager or a physicist, we’ve got a world-class graduate programme for you. Tackling some of the most exciting projects out there, our engineering and science graduates work in everything from electrical and electronic engineering to naval architecture.
Every big engineering project is also a big business project. Which is why we also have opportunities for graduates from nearly every degree subject. The graduates on our business management programmes tackle the same incredible range of epic projects as our engineering and science graduates, providing operational management or core services ranging from accountancy to bid management to IT.
For most programmes we look for a 2:2 accredited degree in a relevant subject. This will form the basis of your ongoing professional development, often resulting in Incorporated or Chartered status. You’ll also need to satisfy the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) security requirements (and may need to complete a medical assessment).
We’re based at over 200 sites all over the UK. Where you’ll be based depends on which part of the business you join us in, but we ask that all our graduates be flexible and willing to move during their programme. In return, you can look forward to a minimum starting salary of £25,000 and the kind of proper, real-world experience that careers are built on.