Bureau Of Engineering

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Los Angeles, United States

Student Engineering Intern (2012)

Wastewater Conveyance Engineering Division

Duration: 78 weeks
Salary(Weekly) USD: ~400
Key Responsibilities:
  • Drafting
  • secondary sewer repair
  • document research
Number of interviews: 1
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Depending on the group you get assigned to, you could have an amazing experience. My group made it a point to teach me the ins and outs of a public/government agency and took me on various field trips that taught me a lot about the construction side of design. In addition, my boss gave me some assignments that allowed my name to be published and put in record. But they didn't only teach me about engineering, they taught me about LA and downtown LA itself. My group members would take breaks with me to show me some pretty amazing food places and sites. I came out of it appreciating and understanding both engineering and Los Angeles a lot more. It's good to try to get your foot in the door for BOE because it is a long and odd process to get hired here. You have to essentially take a test interview and be scored. After being scored, the highest scorers will periodically get letters from different departments whenever a position opens up. At that point, you will be interviewed for a position and the possibility of another position (in addition to background and drug tests) comes up and you need to get through all of that before actually getting hired. I rated it 4 though because I stayed here too long and things became slow. I can see from some of the associate engineers that because of the way things are set up (government = many hoops to jump through before something can get done), it can be inefficient. It bothers me a bit how difficult it can get to just get something approved. Also, they don't have the best facilities (tax dollars are only used for projects to benefit the public) so all the nonessential objects (microwave, refrigerator, etc) had to be donated or people had to pitch in. Basically, things here are a bit old. I would work for this organization again eventually because it is really stable and while it can be slow, it also present its own challenges and sense of dedication. Like I said earlier, things can get slow and I enjoy working to my full abilities so this agency isn't something I want just out of college. But much later, I would return here.
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