Bentley Motors Limited

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Crewe, United Kingdom

Industrial Placement Trainee (2013)

Quality Projects & Product

Duration: 58 weeks
Salary(Weekly) GBP:
Key Responsibilities:
  • Deliver vehicle audit risk register for new generation vehicles
  • Project support for Bentley GT3R project
  • Project support for Bentley SUV
Number of interviews: 0
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Working for the worlds most successful luxury car company in a projects environment was amazing. I contributed heavily from day one to the business and was involved in real projects, in real time. I gained experience also in the motorsport team as a result of the rich and wide raining contacts I built up in the business. Without doubt, the best thing about the company is the product and the teams of people that surround the sublime pieces of engineering they are. As an IP you are treated as a full employee very early on and people respect your opinions and ideas- the idea of being fresh blood to the company is very well received. You will receive countless opportunities to travel overseas, develop and gain new skills and see new things you never expected when applying. I wouldn't stop anyone from applying to this great company!
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