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Bangalore, India

Student Intern (2012)

Motion Auto

Duration: 10 weeks
Salary(Weekly) GBP:
Key Responsibilities:
  • Developing a full car model
  • Creating new elements to the existing library
Number of interviews: 1
Would return:

Yes Yes!

Full description:
Developed an open source MultiBody Dynamics based Vehicle Library • Designed a full car vehicle library model based on subsystem hierarchy; established a modular structure of vehicle library making it more user friendly • Introduced 3 new elements: Inboard Suspension, Continuously Variable Transmission & Automatic Transmission • Created a post processing template allowing instant plotting of model outputs resulting in a time effective analysis • Reduced preprocessing time by facilitating bulk entry of data using datasets • Established an interface blog between student community and Altair Hyperworks serving as a platform to support students across the globe and sharing innovative development ideas for library expansion • Report to be presented at annual Altair Technical Conference, Europe Work appreciated by Mr. Mark Krueger, Director, Altair Engineering, USA
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